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About Us

Who Are DJ's Indoor Golf
DJs Indoor Golf
An innovative and accurate golf simulator experience right on your doorstep.

Our indoor golf venue in Hinckley is home to 3 state-of-the-art golf simulators and offers great fun for the whole of the family or a group of friends.

Choose to practice on the driving range simulator or play a round of golf on our large selection of courses from all around the world.

Playing the game you love indoors allows you to spend quality time and  enjoy a common experience with your family, friends or work colleagues.

We have created a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere where our experienced and enthusiastic team will make sure you have a great time and leave with a smile on your face. 

Indoor golf is great for treating your loved ones on their birthday or anniversary it’s also a perfect experience for friends or family who just want to get together and enjoy the game of golf. 

Practice Facilities to improve your game.
DJ's Indoor Golf Laptops
Why Choose Us?

No longer in its infancy, the indoor golf scene is developing rapidly, both in terms of available technologies and customer experience options. Some people call it indoor golf, others call it golf simulation or virtual golf, at DJ’s Indoor Golf we call it affordable fun.

Indoor golf is inexpensive and basically, just around the corner. You can now enjoy this amazing sport/hobby during the entire year… and enjoy yourself in the process. 

Indoor golf is not something that popped up yesterday. It is not just some sort of a passing trend – it is here to stay. And the best thing is – you don’t need to pick between the indoor and the outdoor option. They do not necessarily rule each other out. They both help you take your game to the next level.

Golf, like any other game, requires practice to perfect your skills. Our 4K resolution golf simulators deliver high quality video, images and real-time data feedback that will ensure you improve your game in terms of ability, consistency and skill.

…been here a few times already, the place is well run and plenty of room in the bays. I booked our golf society in and we had loads of fun. Will defiantly be returning again soon and often!


The simulator will record every angle of your swing from your body position to grip to contact with the ball, allowing you to practice a swing that can be repeated outside when you are actually on the course.

David Julian saw the opportunity for an indoor golf venue a while ago and decided to build this unique golfing experience in Hinkley in 2021.

Whether you are a complete golfing novice, someone who is looking to improve their game or a skilled golfer looking to play courses around the world, DJ’s indoor golf is now your No1 goto destination.


There are loads of benefits when you become a member including reduced fees and priority booking.


With 3 bays to choose from, refreshments and soft seating you will be made to feel right at home.


The very latest Skytrak and Flightscope golf simulators loaded with 100's of courses ready for you to play. 

Our Shop

We've got you covered from head to toe with our stylish clothing and golf shoe range available on-site.

Our Mission

We are focussed on becoming the No1 indoor golf facility in Hinckley and Leicestershire. 

Our unique selling point is our custom built warm and friendly environment which is equipped with the very latest technology. Each of our 3 simulator bays are pre-configured to make your visit an enjoyable one and one that you will remember for a long time.  

Ball Speed

The golf ball speed that is created at impact is the biggest factor in how far the ball actually carries.

Club Speed

In general, the faster the club head is moving through impact, the farther the ball will travel.

Total distance is calculated based on the landing angle, landing ball speed, and spin rate.

Launch Monitor Data consists of parameters describing the flight of the ball and the movement of the golf club head.
The data can be further split into speeds, spins, distances, angles, impact characteristics and performance measures such as dispersion.
Understanding launch data can help you improve your golf.

DJ's Indoor Golf Flightscope Data
Martin Freeman

Fantastic facilities to keep your game in shape over the winter months and maybe a lesson or two in the dry !

Margaret Evans

Bought as gift for hubby. He really enjoyed it and will definitely be going back in the future

Peter Beardmore

Great staff! very friendly and always willing to make your visit a great one. I can highly recommend DJ’s Indoor Golf!

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